Art Party @ the Meadow

When: September 21st

Time: 4PM-9PM

Location: 859 Lower Dry Creek Rd. Walla Walla, Wa.

Join us for a creative outdoor experience where 2 artists will hang their latest collections in a tree-lined meadow. The artists are sisters who love what they do and wanted to create a non-gallery experience welcoming for artists and art lovers alike. 

Mary Crane Nutter is a painter with a design background. She brings her clean lines and expressive imagination to whatever makes up her canvas. She will feature mural quilts painted with outdoor paint which makes it safe and versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. Her pattern and color rolodex is full and vast. Check out her website for more information,

Sarah Kelly Crane is a designer by trade and photographer by love. She loves to marry both where her talents can really shine. Her collection this year, Kaleidoscope Dreams, will be focused on exactly that. Kaleidoscope Dreams focus is on everyday scenes that are transformed in a way that they seem nothing near mundane. You can view examples of her work at

Additionally, the experience will include music, romantic lighting, and a bonfire as the sunsets. Jordan Roy of Barn Fight, out of New York, will be playing the music for the evening. Give his music a listen at His range is vast, covering genres from lo-fi, americana, dance, rock and roll, and folk. His voice and talented guitar playing will have you mesmerized.

Let’s talk logistics. Please feel free to bring a comfy chair, a blanket, and a picnic. The meadow has a great amphitheater slant that will be great for atmosphere watching and music listening. Parking attendants will guide you to a parking area outside the meadow. Look for signs. Card and cash purchases will be accepted but there is no charge to attend and enjoy the atmosphere! Open and welcome to everyone!

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